About Our Softgels

About Our Softgels

Our Softgels are made from Tapioca which is derived from the root of the cassava plant, and traditionally used in cooking throughout the tropics. We begin with tapioca pearls, the same base substance as tapioca pudding or the bubbles in bubble tea. Importantly, the Benemax line is entirely composed of liquid softgel formulations. Both the liquid and tapioca capsule format ensure maximal absorption while controlling dosage and preventing the oxidation of the contents of each capsule. Being in a liquid form; the surface area reached by the contents of the softgel increases. This increased surface area leads to increased absorption and elevated serum (bloodstream) levels of the given supplement.

This tapioca-starch based capsule is more highly absorbed and safer than its alternatives

Gelatin Capsules

These capsules contain the animal by-product produced from tendons, skin and bones of dead animals. By using a plant-based capsule this effectively removes any ethical or religious concern over gelatin use and reduces any risk of disease transmission to zero.

Carrageenan-based Capsules

This seaweed derivative has been linked to gastrointestinal ulceration and intestinal upset in clinical studies and as such has met great resistance in the health community. As such our capsules do not contain carrageenan. Two-piece capsules

Though two-piece capsules may also be vegan they tend to be harder to break down and are more difficult to dissolve compared to gelatin or starch Often made of Hypromellose (wood pulp) or cellulose which are heavily processed by-products of the logging industry. These capsules are unable to contain any liquid solution; instead they contain powdered nutritional products which require direct interaction with water or food to ensure proper absorption.

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